Caching in Asp.Net

There are 2 ways to do caching in 1. Output Caching 2. Data Caching 1. Output Caching : Ability of ASP.NET to cache entire output from a webpage. Implementation of output cache – Add following line below the page directive  It generate page once, then other all subsequent requests in certain time frame, … Continue reading

Globalisation & Localization with Asp.Net

Globalisation & Localization with Asp.Net

Most web applications i have created or been a part of were written for a single language. Now a days i m working on project which supports two languages 1. English 2. Marathi. For this application, I have used globalisation and localization.Implementing globalisation at the start is much easier than it is after the application … Continue reading


“Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We growold by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, butto give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”— Samuel Ullman EmporumTech –

What is .net ?

.Net is a SDK (software development Kit )There are 6 components in .net. 1. 1st component includes 6 sub components a) compiler – cl.exe b) linker – al.exec) assembler – ilasm.exed) dis-assembler – ildasm.exee) loaderf)  there is no interpreter in .net.2. namspaces  3. FCL 4. documentation – MSDN  5. runtime – CLR 6. IDE. – visual studio 

What is .Net framework?

“Evolution of win32 with windows NT 3.1 on 27th July 1993 ends the DOS era and evolution of common Language runtime(CLR) on 13th Feb 2002 ends COM era.” .Net framework consists of 2 parts –1. CLR – CLR is similar to jvm but not at all interpreted.2. XML servicesBoth of these parts use a common … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S III I9500

This device is being called the Samsung GT-I9500 Universal. SPECIFICATIONS : 5-inch HD Super AMOLED 1280 x 720 pixel resolution display you will find a 9mm thick body and a 12 megapixel camera on the back with both LED flash AND Xenon flash. Then there is a front-facing 2 megapixel camera, availability of 32 or … Continue reading


Global.asax File In Asp.Net — Global.asax is an application level file and methods in it are used to handle application level events and these methods are not at all specific to any aspx page. Some of the common methods in the order in which they are executed are listed below Application_Start Application_BeginRequest Application_AuthenticateRequest Session_Start Application_EndRequest … Continue reading

Select Random Records By SQL

Select Random Records By SQL

Sometimes, there is a need of selecting random row or record from the database. For example, I am developing a website for online Test, where I want to generate random questions from the database. I have to select random rows from the database. There are lots of ways to get rid off this problem. Here I am showing a … Continue reading

Microsoft Tips for Dotnet Developers

TIP – 1Visual Studio 2010 Tip : Set multiple projects as startupThis is not new in Visual Studio 2010. However this could be helpful while creating WCF based application.You may like to test your application from Visual Studio 2010 by hitting F5. By default, we can make only one project as Startup Project. Select the solution and … Continue reading