What is .Net framework?

“Evolution of win32 with windows NT 3.1 on 27th July 1993 ends the DOS era and evolution of common Language runtime(CLR) on 13th Feb 2002 ends COM era.”

.Net framework consists of 2 parts –

1. CLR – CLR is similar to jvm but not at all interpreted.
2. XML services

Both of these parts use a common class library -(framework class library – FCL )

Facilities provided by CLR and FCL –

1. consistent programming model
2. simplified programming model
3. run once run always
4. simplified development
5. Wide cpu architecture and platform range
6. programming language integration
7. simplified code reusability
8. Automate and effective memory management
9. type safe verification
10. rich debugging. Support
11. consistent error status reporting
12. security
13. interoperability


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