Select Random Records By SQL

Sometimes, there is a need of selecting random row or record from the database. For example, I am developing a website for online Test, where I want to generate random questions from the database. I have to select random rows from the database. There are lots of ways to get rid off this problem. Here I am showing a simple way to do this.

If you are using Microsoft SQL Server, then SQL NEWID() function will be helpful for you. It returns a Unique Identifier value to the tested result set.

I am showing it with an example.
I have a table named k3TestQuestions 

Now insert some dummy data in it:
select top 50 random records from the table, I will use the following SQL Query:

SELECT TOP 50 * FROM k3TestQuestions ORDER BY NEWID();

The above query will give a different result every time I execute it.


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